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Rashad has nearly 10 years of varied legal experience across multiple practice areas. As a prosecutor, Rashad tried over 1,500 bench trials in district court and over 50 jury trials in superior court. Those cases included charges involving driving while impaired, domestic violence, drug charges, property crimes, and homicides. As a Wake County assistant district attorney, Rashad served as a legal advisor for the Wake County DWI Task Force and was nominated for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Prosecutor of the Year award. Rashad also co-wrote legal manuals and trained officers and ADAs from around the state as a Resource Prosecutor.

In his years of private practice, Rashad has represented clients in 20 counties across the state for domestic, criminal, civil, family, and business matters. In federal court, he has handled both civil and criminal cases in the Eastern District of North Carolina.  Rashad has also helped immigrants defend against deportation, obtain legal status, become American citizens, and reunite with their families. Rashad's comprehensive experience across the legal spectrum sets him apart from other candidates and equips him with the skill set required to be a fair and impartial judge.

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