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Why Rashad?

Rashad is a  uniquely qualified candidate with a background in prosecution, criminal defense, civil representation, and immigration law. He has the life experience and legal acumen required to administer justice equally, efficiently, and respectfully to the citizens of Wake County. Rashad's comprehensive experience across the legal spectrum sets him apart from other candidates and equips him with the skill set required to serve as a fair, impartial, and compassionate judge.

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"I am grateful to have practiced law as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and an immigration lawyer. As an assistant district attorney, I was entrusted with the duty of administering justice. I took that responsibility seriously. I was a strong advocate, but I approached every case with compassion and remained mindful of every defendant's legal rights. A conviction was never my goal, but seeking justice always was.


The practice of law is a calling to serve others. As my legal career developed, I answered a calling to serve our community in a broader capacity. I wanted to hear first-hand the stories of the accused who were distrustful of our criminal justice system. To counsel them and zealously protect their rights in an effort to maintain the integrity of the judiciary. I yearned to listen to the struggle of immigrants who felt marginalized by growing partisan divides. To reassure them and tirelessly advocate for their pursuit of the American dream. 


The opportunity to serve others in multiple legal capacities equips me with the comprehensive experience to thoroughly understand the legal issues of any matter that I encounter. The honor of personally hearing the stories of clients, victims, and immigrants from all backgrounds gives me the broad perspective necessary to be equally compassionate and fair to all individuals." 

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